Thank you:

Mom, Dad, Big Sis, Billy and Brady for your support.

Johnny T, Gavin, Dana for your patience and willingness.

Nicole Klagsbrun, Ruth Phaneuf, Carolyn Ramo for your faith.

Colby Chamberlain and Arturo Vega for your pictures and words.

Bill Fallon, Ben Gurley and The New You for your music, and this website.

Ethan Minsker for your dedication and editing.

Un Lee, Harry Greenberger, and the Antagonist Movement, Shanon Chaiken-Huyter and Gibson Guitars, Brad Worrel from Soundwag, Steven Bindernagel, Eve Krawiec, Jason Losh, Jeff Beebe, Dan Cameron, Jess Banning, Nicole Fernandez, Moo Kwan Han, Ron and Claire from Sixtyseven, Mike Brumm.